Here are some important points dealt with in the videoconference and follow up:

  • The meeting in France has to be postponed, as the NA has to approve the changes.
  • Every school has to give their consent of this change. A change mandate is going to be sent by coordinator to each school. The legal representative has to sign it. It has to be approved by each and every partner legal representative.
  • The new dates for the meeting in France will be: 15,16,17 October 2019, travelling 14 and 18 October.
  • The next meeting will be in Poland, 13,14,15 February 2019, travelling 12 and 16 Feb
  • BEFORE CHRISTMAS POLAND NEEDS TO KNOW HOW MANY TEACHERS WILL TAKE PART IN THE MOBILITY. It is a Management meeting, only teachers, maximum 2 per country. If you consider to bring students, it may be possible, but no travel cost was allowed for that, it will be at your cost, Poland accepts to host students in family exchanges, so it is up to you to do so. If it is an exchange it is possible to do that, organize it with Bea
  • three work days for Poland:
  • Bea needs to know the number of rooms/particiants/flights ...
  • Activities in Poland:
  • Project Logo selection in one of the sessions.
  • Partners already received the contest rules. And have to announce and hold the contest at School level, each country individually, you have to select the 2 best logos and allow awards for the winners by the end of January, and upload them on Twinspace at the beginning of February
  • A committee formed by one teacher of each country and one student from Poland will select in one of the sessions the best logo which will represent the Project officially in all our communications.
  • There will be Mangement sessions in the School
  • There will also be training sessions on Emotional and Entrepreneurial Education given by experts
  • Guidelines for the Multilingual audio-visual dictionary will be discussed, it isn't necessary to work on it in advance, just after the meeting in Poland
  • There will also be cultural visits to Cracow, Salt Mine and Autswiz camp, and for the one-day trip only one invoice.


1ST SCHOOL YEAR 2018-2019

  • M2,Poland, only teachers, management: 13,14,15, Feb 2019? travelling 12 and 16
  • M3, Romania, only teachers, management: 9,10 April 2019? travelling 8 and 11
  • C3, Serbia, students with acompanying teachers: 29, 30, 31 May 2019, travelling 28 and 1 June

2nd SCHOOL YEAR 2019-2020

  • C2, France, students with acompanying teachers: 15,16,17 October 2019, travelling 14 and 18
  • M4, Italy-Parma, Only teachers, management: 26, 27 February 2020, travelling 25 and 28
  • C4, Finale Emilia, Italy.students with acompanying teachers:27,28,29 May2020. Travelling 26 and 30.

The coordinator will send shortly the budget balance and copy of invoices of expenses occurred during the 1st meeting in Madrid, and send payments 1 and 2 stated in the contract with each school.

It is important that each school opens on their webpage a section for this project

All documents will be uploaded on twinspace, please upload photos of the 1st meeting.

Teachers and Students evaluation questionnaires will be sent shortly by coordinator to be filled out before mid January

The Minutes for the first meeting have to be uploaded on Twinspace, Costanza and Tomasz have to send their notes to coordinator for them to complete it and upload them on Twinspace.

As Lycée Jules Ferry is not exactly the same as Lycée Toulouse Lautrec, we have to think of their added value to the project and modify it for the mid report to be presented at the end of the first school year.