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Resumen del Proyecto KA202

Our project is based on the PROEMONEET (Professionai-Emotions) consists of learning to manage emotions in a professional environment in order to create a more efficient and effective workplace.This emotional education is undertaken in the modern European context,in which individuals must develop linguistic  and multicultural abilities as well.

Specific training on Emotional and  Entrepreneurial Education  will emphasize the fact that each person interprets events differently based on their own life experiences.Research has shown that many work environments are overwhelmingly negative and contribute to burnout syndrome among employees.Developing the empathy of our staff will improve teamwork and school moral, as mutual understanding,respect,and support are crucial for a healthy personal and professionallife. These values will be developed in an international context,focusing on the different lifestyles,cultural traditions,and linguistic  diversity ofthe project partners, with the aim of building mutual respect and tolerance.Participants will have the opportunity to interact with European peers of varying ages, genders,ethnicities,religions,and socioeconomic  classes. They will be able to improve their English and communicate using modern technology.Although emotional and linguistic development will be focused on individuals within the project,the ripple effect will allow those individuals to share their newfound skills with their peers,their educational communities, and their societies. The achievements of the project will be shared in local and national press, social media, radio and television,and a dedicated website for the project. As a result,all participating institutions will benefit from an improved standing in their local communities,and will be able to use the tools gained from the partnership in order to improve those communities in turn.

This project will enhance Teachers and Pupils'work on culturat professionaland educational connections with European partner schools in an active dimate.The exchanges will give direct opportunities to experience and to use different European languages.Pupils and Teachers will prepare:

  • ·a Logo for the project
  • ·a multilingual dictionary boook with terms related to Emotional and Entrepreneurial Education and topics of project in English
  • • an Emotional and Entrepreneurial Education Brochure based on each country's shared values and perspectives

Pupils,including those socially and economically disadvanged,are involved in these exchanges and will be given opportunities to see that distance is no longer a barrier to effective and immediate communication.Pupils from all the participating schools will be given the challenges of both learning new communication skills for themselves and working in partnership with their teachers to provide exciting educational opportunities for their communities. This will enhance a broad understanding of European Democratic values and CulturalDiversity together with an appreciation of how communication between people can be safe, fast and efficient. The foundation of the project is based in sharing best practices for positive conflict resolution in the educationaldomain and work with partner institutions throughout Europe.Emotional education is an important factor in the development of the individual.

Accordingly,emotionaleducation is fundamental to the larger framework of interpersonal relationships,and becomes incredibly important in the workplace.Thus, the advantages of improved emotional health are not only personat but professional as well.

Happy,well-balanced individuals are more effective instructors and more employable students.The development of linguistic  and multicultural skills is also fundamental to international vocational training. Having considered our geopoliticalcontext within Europe,we aim to establish links to other European communities which will enrich and improve the lives and experiences of all parties involved.This intersection of emotional and multicultural development is the impetus for our project;the opportunity to share best practices with international partners will improve both the personal wellbeing of our staff and students,as well as their professional development and employability,respectively.

Above alt this project aims to improve the self esteem and happiness of all participating students and staff. Achieving this goal will depend on the strong motivation of our community,teachers and students alike,to improve personally and professionally.The Dalai Lama once said "The purpose of our lives is to be happy";Albert Espinosa said "lf you believe in your dreams,they will come true". The dream of our project is to help all the members of our communities achieve personal and professional happiness and become better rounded citizens of Europe,as well as improve our vocational training curricula in our respective institutions.